Book Review: Saga, Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples ★★★★

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“Some dreams really do come true. That said, most dreams are weird as shit.”

I enjoyed this second installment of Saga just as much as the first! The artwork continues to blow me away with how gorgeous and strange it is, and the story is growing with some really interesting new worldbuilding.

This volume picks up immediately after the first one ends and I love that about the series. It is all so fast-paced and engaging. It makes me want to just binge read all nine volumes right now! The storytelling is still a little thin for what I am used to, but I have adjusted my expectations for graphic novels now. I know that the writing will be limited here, but over the course of the series I will get everything I need from it.

I love that Hazel is narrating once again. She has a funny, matter of fact, sweet voice that is a great juxtaposition for all of the graphic and violent content she talks about. There were quite a few more serious, moving plot points this time around, such as Marko’s dad, The Will missing The Stalk, and flashbacks to Marko and Alana before they got pregnant. I really like that we are slowly growing closer to the characters and learning more about them.

This volume brings The Will closer to catching Marko and Alana, and I am very excited to see how that all turns out in the next one! It gets pretty nerve-wracking and I can’t wait to read more.

Obviously, the artwork was once again absolutely stunning. It is such a beautiful style combined with such violent subject matter; I love it. I could have done without the graphic depiction of that nasty, bumpy monster wiener though good lord 😅. I did get a kick out of showing my friends though, just to see their horrified reactions hahaha!

I am dying to continue this series! I’m such a big fan 😁.

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Title: Saga (Saga, Vol. 2)
Author: Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Genre: Science Fiction| Graphic Novel | Sci-Fi | Adult | Adventure | Action | Space | Futuristic | Space Opera | Aliens
Publication Date: July 2rd, 2013
Page Count: 160 pages
Buy It: Wordery Book Depository

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