About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Chelsi! 20161217_180804 (3)I’m pretty new to actually blogging about my opinions on books, but I have certainly had them forever. All my life. Hating on them, loving on them, the whole she-bang. I figured, since I no longer have Lit classes as an outlet, that I would trash the internet with my rants and raves. And, honestly, I just love discussing books with other readers. I think it is an amazing way to connect with people and think critically, and have some fun! Besides, my cat is getting quite bored of hearing about them (Oh and shout-out to my mom for the title idea! She thought it was positively hilarious.)

And here are my favorite reading partners, my adorable brindle-babies, Cake and Scylla. Cake is a tortoiseshell Domestic Short Hair, adopted from PetCo. And Scylla, sweet Sky-pup, is a Plott Hound mix, rescued from my local shelter. They are the most loving, loyal animals and I am so grateful I have given them a second shot at a happy life. Remember, #adoptdontshop!


Now, Sky Dog will sit with me for a little bit when I am reading, but she mostly makes sure that I get up for some exercise every now and then. She does not care what part in the story I am reading; she just wants me to throw the dang Frisbee! Cake, however (or Madam Cakleton as she is affectionately referred to around here), she is an awesome reading buddy. She doesn’t care how long I binge read; she is content to just snuggle up next to me, which for a mostly solitary hobby, is pretty nice. Who knows, maybe she is reading, too!

Currently, I would be honored to accept ARC’s from any publisher. I am most interested in Fantasy, Fiction/Literature, YA, and Thriller genres. Please send any inquiries/requests to che.mullen@yahoo.com.

Feel free to contact me anywhere below. I’d love to hear from you!

I’m not big on Snapchat or Youtube, but hey, we’ll see!

Also, you can find any of the books discussed on this blog at Book Depository , Wordery or Amazon!