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Book Tag Tuesday (1)

Hey, ya’ll! I’m back at it again with a Book Tag Tuesday! Woo! And hopefully I can keep ’em coming this time.

So, I checked the deep recesses of the interwebs and I did not find a specific tag like this. However, if there is one that I am not aware of, please let me know and I will give credit where credit is due. And, like always, please feel free to join in!

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  1. What is your favorite book that features a road trip or where a road trip is important to the story?

    • Mine is definitely On the Road by Kerouac! This is the ultimate road trip book, because it is basically just a crazy story about a rag-tag group of pre-hipsters that drive around the U.S. to “dig” American culture. It is amazing and will always be my favorite road trip book.
  2. Which character would totally insist on driving?

    • I feel like a lot of characters I know would want to take control and drive. Which would be fine with me, because I hate driving! 😂 The one who stands out in my mind, though, is my girl Aelin Galathynius. She would not be able to just sit still while someone else drove her around. So, be my guest, Aelin.
  3. What book reminds you of a road trip in your own life?

    • The book that always reminds me of a road trip is The Brother’s Karamazov, because I read most of the (1,000+ page) book in the car on the way to Pensacola one year. I was reading for so long, I remember, that it got dark outside and I borrowed my dad’s industrial headlamp, so that I could keep reading. I was on that level. It worked so well and made a memory I will always look back on fondly!
  4. Can you read in the car or do you get carsick?

    • I have always been able to read in the car and I am SO grateful for that. It would have been hell trying to read during trips all the time, if I was constantly about to throw up! 🤢
  5. Which character would be the self-appointed “snack guy?”

    • I am going with a two-person snack guy for this one, because they go hand in hand, in my opinion. Merry and Pippin for sure! What better characters to bring the snacks and remind everyone in the car that it is time for elevensies?? No one, I tell you!
  6. Which character would you let control the AUX cord?

    • I would give the AUX cord to Jay Gatsby, because I feel like he has the right mix of soul and cynicism to pick some really great music. And, come on, he throws some great parties, so he must know how to pick a “Get Psyched Mix” like nobody’s business!
  7. Name a character that you would want to go on a one on one road trip with (romantic or otherwise).

    • Hmm this one is a bit tricky, because each character would bring about a different kind of road trip. The person I keep thinking of is Jamie Fraser (because who am I kidding, of course it would be romantic!). His lovely Scottish accent would be perfect for a long trip alone together. He’d keep it funny, interesting, exciting, and sexy!
  8. Name a literary group/squad that you would want to road trip with.

    • I have to go with my fave group here and say the Inner Circle. How could I not want to drive around in close quarters with Rhys, Feyre, and crew??? It would be the most hilarious and adventurous trip of my existence, and I am honestly sad that it is impossible 😢.
  9. Where would your ultimate road trip destination be?

    • I would love, love to be able to take an old car around Europe. Going at a leisurely pace and just driving through beautiful, rural villages and cities. Meeting a bunch of locals and hearing their stories. It would be so picturesque and authentic, I think. If not that, I believe driving cross-country all the way to Alaska would be amazing! And of course, these are both if gas was not an issue lol!
  10. Name a character that would make you play car games the whole time.

    • Evie O’Neill from The Diviners. You just know she would be bugging the hell out of everyone with car games that she made up, poking and punching everyone and laughing obnoxiously while everyone else rolls their eyes! I can totally see it now.

Well, that’s all for my ultimate road trip ideas! What are some of yours? Let me know! 😁

Happy Reading!


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