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Book Tag Tuesday (1)

What’s up, my bookies? 😛 I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! For this book tag, I created one myself!! Yay, I am so excited! I did search for a horse book tag like this and did not find any, but if anyone knows of one already out there or has created one themselves, please please let me know! I will definitely add credit for the creator.

Alright, let’s get to it! If you’re holding your horses, feel free to let them go now 😉

Horse Breeds Book Tag


  1. Arabian

    • Bred to be war horse, classic, “dished” face, known for stamina and endurance, delicate build, ancient breed, courageous, clever, Middle Eastern/desert origins. Arabians, Horses, Equines, Animals, Meeting, Greeting
      • Which classic novel really challenged your determination and endurance while reading, but was totally worth it in the end?

        • Probably John Milton’s Paradise Lost for me, because it was such a long epic poem. I love poetry, when I actually get through it, and this was no exception, but my god! (pun intended), it was tough to get through.
  2. American Quarter Horse

    • Steady, traditional Western horse, versatile, noted for “big butts,” loyal, cow sense, all-American breed, affectionate. File:Sorrel gelding.jpg
      • Which character do you think (or know) would have the best butt in person?

        • So, many good butts to choose from! But, I am gonna have to go with my man Cassian. You know his relentless, Illyrian warrior training has shaped that ass into something truly magnificent! 😜
  3. Thoroughbred

    • Ultimate racehorse, known for speed, strength, perfect form, agility, and tenacity. File:Horseracing Churchill Downs.jpg
      • What book do you remember flying through?

        • Reading a book really fast is completely random for me. Sometimes I am just into them, you know? And other times, I’m not. I read all of the Harry Potter books super fast, but the one that stands out to me the most is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I waited in line at Walmart to get the book at midnight. And then, I remember reading in the car on the way home with a headlamp, going straight to my room, and reading until dawn. I finished the book that morning at 6 AM. And it was my least favorite of the series!😣
  4. Appaloosa

    • Spotted coat, eager to learn, hardy, important to Native American history, even temperament.File:Appaloosa stallion.JPG
      • How easily can you connect the dots (get it!) in a book? Are you one of those people who can guess the ending after a few chapters or are you constantly taken by surprise?

        • I think this depends on the type of novel and skill of the author, but for the most part, I am not good at predicting the outcome of a book. I suppose that is a good thing, though, because then I can always enjoy the whole thing, right up to the last page! 🙂
  5. Friesian

    • Large, majestic, powerful, war horse, old breed, only breed from the Netherlands, graceful, black coat, luxurious mane and tail.  File:Friesian Stallion.jpg
      • Name a character that exudes great leadership skills. Who would you “follow into battle?”

        • Paige Mahoney from The Bone Season series. She is new to the whole ‘leading people in a revolution against a corrupt government’ role, but I love seeing her come into her own and take charge. She is brave, clever, inspirational, and willing to do whatever it takes for her people.
  6. Mustang

    • Wild, spirited, rugged, sure-footed, brave, smart, robust. File:Mustang Utah 2005 2.jpg
      • Who is a character that you admire for their independence and free spirit?

        • I loveeeee Jane Eyre for her strength, independence, and sense of self worth. She is clever and determined to live her life, and find happiness, on her own terms. Also, I could not even write this question without thinking of Aelin Galathynius from the Throne of Glass series haha! She is the poster child for free, independent woman.
  7. Clydesdale

    • Big, heavy, draft/plow horse, hardworking, the Budweiser horses, calm temperament, gentle, feathered hooves. File:Clydesdale wagon.jpg
      • Which character do you feel most accurately fits the description “gentle giant?”

        • I can’t settle on one character, so I will just say both of them. One, of course, is Hagrid. He is sweet and loving, and just wants to take care of magical animals and make sure Harry is happy. He can’t help it if he is ginormous and accident-prone! The second is John Coffey from The Green Mile by Steven King. If you have not read the book, then I highly recommend it! I will not spoil it, but I will warn you that it may cause emotions. John Coffey is such a tender soul that I just wanted to protect. And now I’m sad 😢
  8. Andalusian

    • “Dancing” horse, intelligent, romantic, graceful, ancient war horse, noble, powerful, classic beauty.  Image result for andalusian horse
      • Andalusian horses are typically born with dark brown or black coats that lighten to grey or white, as they get older. Who is a character that started out “dark” and then became “light?” Interpret this question however you want!

        •  Daemon Sadi from The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. When he was introduced to the reader, he was very dark. He was roiling with hatred and bitterness. He was depressed. He was cruel and sadistic. He was hopeless and full of despair. At one point in the series, you see him reach his lowest point mentally, physically, and psychologically. But, as the series progresses, he is slowly built back up, healing from the pain shaped his life before. I think he finds his light and in doing so, becomes lighter as a character.
  9. Shetland Pony

    • Little, ornery, fluffy mane, fuzzy coat, fearless, opinionated, strong for its size.File:Shetland Pony on Belstone Common, Dartmoor.jpg
      • Which book do you feel packed the biggest punch, despite being on the shorter side?

        • Animal Farm! That book is amazing, because it is literally 112 pages, written at a level that children can understand, and told from the perspectives of talking farm animals. However, it is one of the best allegorical texts that I have ever read. The creepy, cult-like brutality of a Communist society is woven into the story with such subtlety and finesse.
  10. Paint

    • Multi-colored coat, athletic, eye-catching, amiable, good-natured, smart.  File:Overo2.jpg
      • What is your favorite book/series with multiple perspectives?

        • Although I totally dig the many perspectives in the Throne of Glass series, I am going to go with Game of Thrones, because it is just so impressive how George R.R. Martin keeps track of each one of his (many) characters. He handles every character’s story arc, history, voice, development, views, etc. so well.
  11. Palomino

    • Golden coat, silky, first choice for ancient royalty, flaxen mane and tail, gentle, easy to train and work with, adaptable.  File:Mare and foal (Kvetina-Marie).jpg
      • What is a book that makes you think of treasure, either gold, money, and jewels, or something less tangible?

        • So, the first thing that comes to mind is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, but honestly I did not like that book. And I am pretty sure I just thought of it first, because it has “treasure” in the title. So that is not my pick! I am going to go with The Hobbit! You can’t think of The Hobbit without also thinking of Smaug lounging on his pile of treasure, being all smug and whatnot. Smaug the Smug 😏
  12. Favorite Literary Horse

    • I choose Brego, the brave and kingly steed that Aragorn sort of rescues in Lord of the Rings. They save each other throughout the war for Middle Earth and it is really a lovely bond. Brego would be a wonderful companion and he is my favorite literary horse! Unfortunately, I cannot find a decent picture of him from the movies! I recommend looking him up (or marathoning the movies to see him!), because he is completely gorgeous. And fun fact! Viggo Mortensen bought the horse who played Brego after filming, because he bonded with him so much ❤ I love all of the horses from Lord of the Rings, really.  Shadowfax, Bill the Pony, Fatty Lumpkins, and Snowmane are all great, too. And, honorary mention: I loved Javelin from The Winner’s Trilogy and Kestrel’s relationship with him. It was very sweet.

And that’s a wrap! I really hope you all enjoyed my tag and please let me know what you would choose! If you want to do the whole tag, be my guest! I would love to share it with the rest of the book loving community! 🙂 Please tag me, so that I can check it out, too.

Thank you and happy reading!! 😊📖



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