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Gilmore Girls Book Tag

Gilmore Girls is a funny, fast-paced TV show about Lorelai, a young mother, and her book-aholic daughter, Rory. It explores their relationship, both as mother and daughter, and as best friends. They live in charming Stars Hollow with a whole crew of wacky townies, and of course, hilarity ensues. This has been one of my favorite shows since middle school (just don’t mention the revival), so I was very excited to do this book tag! I discovered this tag via The Bookshop Cafe.

1. Lorelai- A character with a witty or sarcastic sense of humor: I love characters with a sense of humor, especially if it has a sarcastic edge to it. One character that has stood out as being particularly sassy is Tyrion Lannister from the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. Tyrion is witty, clever, constantly underestimated, and copes through sarcasm. What is not to love!? Here are a few gems: 

  • “I don’t even know who my mother was,” Jon said.                                                      “Some woman, no doubt. Most of them are.” [Tyrion] favored Jon with a rueful grin.
  • “I am not questioning your honor, I am denying its existence.”
  • “Noseless and Handless, the Lannister Boys.”
  • “My sister has mistaken me for a mushroom. She keeps me in the dark and feeds me shit.”
  • “That’s one way we differ, Jaime and I. He’s taller as well, you may have noticed.”

2. Rory- Favorite classic: The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky has to be my pick here. I have a lot of favorite classics, but this one is just beyond anything else in terms of sheer writing quality, the scope of the narrative, and how it captures the essence of Life. It is amazing!

3. Luke- A book you secretly love, but are afraid to admit: I am not sure what I would pick for this, because I am quite open with books I love or don’t love. I guess maybe Twilight? I know everyone hates on these books now and thousands of essays have been written about their horrible flaws…but I thought they were great back when they came out!

4. Lane- A musical character: Kestrel from The Winner’s Trilogy. Her love of music and playing the piano is a very important aspect of her character.

5. Dean- Your first book love (character or book you first loved): Alright, going old-school! The first books that I remember really loving and fangirling over (before I even knew that’s what I was doing), were the Heartland books by Lauren Brooke. This series is about two sisters who try to keep their mother’s horse rescue facility running, after her death. These books are beautiful and I am getting emotional just thinking about them!! I loved them so much. Also, I think Ty could be considered my first book boyfriend.

6. Sookie- A book you’ve devoured: The Harry Potter series has to be my most memorable and beloved series that I have “devoured.” I remember going to the midnight releases and staying up all night to read the new books. No other book experiences compare to that feeling.

7. Jess- A book you love, that gets the most hate: The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. This book does not get hate, per say, but it is pretty polarizing with readers, due to some graphic content within the story (there is a rape scene at the end of book one and quite a bit of violence throughout). However, I have loved this story from the moment I first started reading it. It is an intelligent, fascinating, dark fantasy series that I will always enjoy no matter what.

8. Miss Patty- A book that was ruined by the hype: Caraval for sure was ruined by the hype, because I was so excited to read it and I saw other reviewers who received ARCs talking about how great it was. And the cover was beautiful! But then, blah. Disappointing read. I was expecting so much more, based on the hype.

8. Emily Gilmore- An expensive book: This is a book that I do not own yet, because all of the copies I have found online have been so expensive. The Holy Barbarians, a fabulous sounding novel about the Beats, is out of print, so every copy out there is being sold for crazy high prices. I will own it one day. And, fun fact! I discovered this book because of an episode of Gilmore Girls 🙂

9. Paris- An uptight character: The character that keeps coming to my mind is Nesta from Sarah J Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Nesta is an extremely tight-laced, private, sharp-tongued, judgmental, sophisticated, and proud person…who can come off as uptight in some situations. She downright refuses to weapon train and we’ve only seen her in casual clothes like once. However, we all know that Nesta is just afraid to show her true self and we are desperately waiting for Cassian to help her reveal herself. Am I right, ladies??? When is the ACOTAR novella coming out again? 😥

This tag is open to all Gilmore Girls fans!! Please feel free to join in and let me know what your answers would be.

Happy reading!


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