Starting a Blog?

So, I figured that my first post ought to be the reason why I decided to start doing this. Maybe? I don’t know, I’m new to blogging! I just started thinking recently about all of the things I never get to say, especially about books. I used to have a circle of friends that read the same things (for the most part) as I did, I used to live at home where I could subject my parents or my siblings to hours of gushing over the books I was reading (sorry, guys), and I used to be in school, where I was graded on what I had to say about the books I was reading. But now, now that I live away from home and have graduated college, I find myself missing that ability to delve into a novel and give my opinion. Now, I mostly just read with my cat in my lap or my dog laying next to me. And, honestly, they are great reading companions! But, at my ripe old age of 24, I have decided I might give this blogging, booktubing, reviewing thing a try. I am not sure what I expect from all of this, but I know that it will do my soul well to have a structured, routine book discussion in my life again. Not just the occasional Goodreads review. I am excited to start!

As far as the schedule or actual organization of this blog, I am not quite sure what I am going to do yet. I suppose I will figure it out along the way! I have a ton of books that I have read or want to read that I would love to discuss with you guys. Maybe I will start with a more recent read and then maybe a flashback read? Maybe I will bring some of my own (underdeveloped) writing into the mix? The possibilities are numerous and, most excitingly, up to me. I just hope that I can put my voice out there and maybe get some input from all of you, as well.

I would, also, like to preface everything by stating that everything I write or say is my own opinion. Sometimes I may get harsh with it, don’t get me wrong! But, in the end, please know that I am not out to offend anyone and differing opinions on books is one of the most beautiful things about them. We can all read the same book and each take something completely different from it, when we reach that last page.

Thank you all for checking out my new blog, being patient as I learn, and loving books as much as I do!

~ Chelsi

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