Book Review: Saga, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples ★★★★

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“You know, for a pacifist, you sure beg to get stabbed a lot.”

This was brilliant! My first graphic novel experience did not disappoint. Definitely worth the hype; it was a freakin wild ride. 4 stars!

I read this in one sitting and I am so glad I decided to finally dive into this series! I am getting each volume from the library, so I am taking my sweet time with them and really getting to savor them. I think this will be a good way to go, otherwise I will blast right through them and then be left waiting for more. Hopefully the next volumes are just as good as this one!

I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from this series. I just knew it was in space and it was about two warring races and a couple with a child. A couple from each of the warring races (species?). Unclear. I was not expecting such a vast plot, however! For such a short text and just the beginning of a story, we get a lot of backstory and history of the universe here. There are also a lot more characters at the forefront of the story than I thought there would be. I really enjoyed them all!

That being said, it is still a very short text and can only expand on so much. At times, it feels like we are just plunked right into an established storyline or character interaction and we kind of have to pick it up as we go along. I do not mind this and I feel like it might just come with the graphic novel territory. I was happy to just go along with everything and it all did come together quite seamlessly. I also get the feeling that each volume will just add layers and depth to the world, and the characters, as well.

Speaking of, I loved the characters! They are so vibrant and jump right off the page. I liked that Alana was the warrior type and Marko was a pacifist. Alana was hilarious and crude and hard and sweet all at the same time. Marko is a kind, dreamy guy who would do anything for his family. They were great! I also really liked the babysitter Izabel and Lying Cat. Very cool. Also, The Stalk freaked me the hell out! Big nope there! You can imagine how surprised I was when I was sad over her. Must be the strong writing and stellar artwork.

The artwork is SO GOOD!!!! I am rather picky about art styles and, while I can appreciate all of them, some are just much more pleasing to the eye in my opinion. The artwork here matched my taste perfectly. Such a cool aesthetic. I adored the full-page spreads at the beginning of each section. Any one of those could hang on the wall as art. I was interested in getting the Saga books, which combine multiple volumes into one larger hardcover book (there are three out currently). But after seeing the artwork in person, I don’t think I want just three covers with baby Hazel on them. I want all of the beautiful covers on each individual volume! Even if it is more money in the long run 😅.

This series is certainly not for kids, which I very much enjoyed. If it were any less of an adult series, I feel like parts of it could get corny or generic, but the gore, cursing, explicit scenes, and mature content kept it all unpredictable and interesting.

I am so glad I loved this and I can’t wait to move on to Volume 2!

Not lying.

What did you guys think of this? I know most of you have read it already, since I am so late to the party!

Thanks for reading, pals!

Title: Saga (Saga, Vol. 1)
Author: Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Genre: Science Fiction| Graphic Novel | Sci-Fi | Adult | Adventure | Action | Space | Futuristic | Space Opera | Aliens
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2012
Page Count: 176 pages
Buy It: Wordery Book Depository

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